who sarah is:


I’m 31. I live in Springfield, Mo.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since 2nd grade, and now I am one. By day I work at an ad agency, which is as cool as it sounds. (And my views do not reflect the views of my employer…yadda yadda lawyer talk.)

I’ve wanted to be a comedy writer for a few years, and now I am figuring out how to do that. By night I write for The Mystery Hour and do improv shows every so often. (I don’t have a disclaimer for that one. Other than the fact that doing improv has turned my Myers-Briggs from I to E. Truth.)

I blog about this & that. Mostly nuggets of inspiration from my life.

And books, movies, tv shows, podcasts, music, web things.

And work and writing and relationships and growing up.

And being vegetarian and running and attempting a balanced life.

If all goes according to plan, someday Barbara Walters will interview Tina Fey & me in a one-hour special. We’ll share convivial laughs over our unlikely collaborative friendship, and I’ll talk about this moment. You’ll be watching, of course, and you’ll turn to someone and say, “I think I read about this somewhere…”

 That’s what I’m doing here, readers. Inviting you to my life. Bring some wine.

The deal with that photo: I did a for-funsies Mad Men shoot with the incomparable Sesha Smith back in 2010. Let’s pretend I haven’t aged a day.) 

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