hug a tree

From time to time I sing the praises of working at a university, and today is another one of those days. There was an email from Drury’s ThinkGreen! club today about a 100th birthday celebration for a black walnut tree on campus. (Birthday party for a tree? I’m there!)

Trees on Drury campus

I work on a tree farm.

Unfortunately, I was in meetings until 4:00, and the 2:00-5:00 event ran out of cake before I could get there. They kiddos did leave a sign behind with tree facts, and the following message:

Trees are made of wood and leaves. They get lonely and love hugs.

Isn’t that the cutest? I love students. (Or, more specifically, nerds who make signs like that. They are what I aspire to be.)

I didn’t get cake, but I did take a minute to notice the tree. Really notice it. I put my hand on its bark, and thought it isn’t every day I get to touch something 100 years old and ALIVE. (A plaque at the tree’s base is dated 1910, dedicated in honor of Drury’s first president.) Pretty cool.