Best Work Perk

[ Reminder: our new Blog Challenge, now that it’s red carpet season, is to blog about “best-of” experiences. ]

Working at a university means there’s always something going on. (I feel like I’m writing an admission brochure—but it’s true, guys. It’s all always true…)
So today I’m giving the award for Best Work Perk.

And the Envelope Please…

I don’t have a concise descriptor for this winner…so we’ll call it “random cultural / intellectual / amusing happenings that are part of an otherwise typical workday.”

Today, for example, is Chinese New Year (Happy Year of the Dragon, errrvrybody!), which means it’s time for a traditional dragon dance in the Commons (why not?)…

Here’s a favorite shot from a couple of years ago that perfectly captures the randomness of moments like these:

Don't look now...but there's a dragon behind you.

(Mandy from the web office & I giggled about this photo for days. Still gets me.)


When my brother went off to college, the internet was barely a thing. My friend Jessica & I would spend hours playing SLINGO and chatting on AOL messenger…but there was no youtube and there were no memes. The olden days. We played kick-the-can, etc. But I do remember one little soundbite I’d found online then (How? Napster maybe?) that I found particularly hilarious.

It was Chef from South Park telling the kids not to do drugs. (Remember Chef?! Ah, the olden days…) His advice:

“There’s a time and a place for everything: it’s called college. Do you understand?”

I can still hear Chef’s voice in my head, 10+ years later. Wow, internet. Look what you’ve done to me… But it’s true! (In the broader, non-drugs sense, naturally.) College is where it’s at! And I get to work here!! And I frequently get to soak up the goodness that college life has to offer. Like Chinese dragons at lunch. And convo lectures. And Physics Club gravity tests (launching old tech equipment off a dorm roof. For fun!).

I hear another voice in my head now. This time, it’s Charles Taylor, VP for Academic Affairs, and while he typically says this via email, I can still hear him:

“Nice work if you can get it.”

Yes, folks, I just managed to quote a South Park episode and CAT’s emailed wisdom in one blog post. I can see the world from a variety of perspectives! Liberal Arts education at its finest!! Did I mention we were founded in 1873?

All this Drury-love on a Monday, no less. This post deserves an A-list after-party…