The blog is back. Also: Jon Hamm.

Well, friends, it’s been a solid month since my last post. (That rings a little “confession booth” to me. Appropriate, as I do feel a tinge of Catholic-ish writerly guilt re: my blog neglect…) I just checked my stats for the past few weeks, and I was happy to discover that I’ve had some views on these non-post days. More than the usual handful that can be attributed to spam, my mom and/or my stalker.

(If I have a stalker, I like to imagine that s/he reads my blog. B’cause, why wouldn’t s/he?! That’s what stalkers do! This makes me feel safe, you see, because anyone out there who reads my blog regularly is waaaaay too nerdy to ever attempt physical harm. Maybe a passive-aggressive comment, at worst. I love you, readers, but you’re nerdy. It’s cool.)

Anyway — the writing wasteland that was October brought me more than a few views. This does my little heart good, because it means (I hope) that a few people actually want to read this stuff (and to you I say: sorry I’ve left you hanging). Beyond that, I’m fascinated in knowing that total strangers occasionally end up here because of random google searches. This month, a post about Charles Addams cartoons was particularly popular in my search terms list — Halloween and all.

One year ago exactly, my bloggy friends & I embarked on our semi-daily journey of Alpha-blogging, and “A is for Addams” is where mine began. Now, a full year later, it’s nice to imagine there are kindred spirits out there who also love vintage New Yorker cartoons, or mid-century art, or Halloween…and love these things enough to google them. These are my people.

So it is for you, My People, that I’m back tonight. After a long day. With nothing profound to say. Just knowing that I like this blogging thing when I take the time to do it. Also knowing that it does me no good to wait around for inspiration. Sometimes I have to meet inspiration halfway. Sometimes I have to just sit down and write when I don’t feel like it. Sometimes I have to do the random google search and follow where it leads…


Confession-booth time again: every once in a while, when I’m feeling bored or blue, I do a little “Jon Hamm” google image search. Just because. Ladies, I suggest you do the same. Looking at his cartoon-pilot handsomeness (Liz Lemon said it best), I never fail to have a little Lester Burnham moment: with this much beauty in the world, there’s just no reason be sad.

So please keep coming back: readers, random searchers, stalkers, or Mom. I can’t promise you regularly scheduled posts or coherent points, but I can promise to always, always remind you that the good things are out there…like Jon Hamm…just being The Perfect Man…giving us all the little thumbs-up we need to keep going.