sweet lovers love the spring

If the chirping birdies, frolicking bunnies, green grass & cheerful crocuses outside weren’t enough to let you know, even today’s Google Doodle was dedicated to the first day of SPRING! It’s here, everyone. Dust off those bonnets.

To celebrate, I’m dedicating this post to one of my favorite Willy Wonka moments:

Man I love spring. Bright colored clothes, warmer running weather, more daylight, EASTER CANDY, YOU GUYS… All this goodness symbolizes the end of winter & the start of something new. Poets since the beginning of language have pointed out this nifty fact. And I think it’s nice. That’s all.


ps– Another favorite Willy Wonka moment just happens to be happening right now (this very minute!) thanks to the magic of the internet and the unavoidableness of memes. (Seriously, they are everywhere. I found one in my shoe the other day…)
I just can’t get enough of this one: Condescending Wonka.

Close-to-home Wonka