It takes a village.

Tell you what, everybody, sometimes the cure for what ails me is some quality time with good old Mom & Pop Jenkins*.

(*Not a thing I’ve ever called them. Ever.)

Tonight was no exception. We played all the hits: dinner at Little Tokyo (celebrating its post-fire rebirth with the pink-est walls I’ve ever seen), a quick jaunt to Wal-Mart (nothing says “Mom & Dad” like necessity-shopping!), followed by around-the-house beautification (this time: hanging up some long-neglected wall art).
Oh, and they got in a little face time with their “grandkitty.” So everybody wins.

Exhibit A.

The wall art in question is (without question) one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received. My cousin Jennifer (check her blog. she is the cutest.) made me this print for Christmas, after I’d offered “some sort of art” as a gift idea. She’s a great designer, and I thought this might be a fun assignment for her creative-new-mom self (well…not all that new. Ean is 2 now!). But on Christmas Eve, as we gathered to open presents in our traditional take-turns style, I had no idea what I was in for when I reached for my conspicuously picture-frame-shaped package. The first thing I saw when I tore into the paper was my name in type: “- Sarah Jenkins”…and I automatically started to tear up a little. This is the first time I’d seen something I’ve written presented like this. (She took a line from this very blog and brought it to life.) It was such a good surprise. So thoughtful and so perfect. (Yay, Christmas!)

Exhibit B.

So back to today. We made quite the team…Mom, Dad, and me…as she held the step ladder, and he wielded the drill, while I balanced a dustpan below. (Drilling dust is the worst! Where my uptight homeowners at?!) “It takes a village…” I giggled at our awkward proximity, but I also felt quite cozy indeed. Now my print has found a home on the wall, next to my second-favorite be-walled possession: my postcard rack full of photos. (Not my original idea…thanks, O mag!)

Tomorrow marks two years since I officially signed the contract for my house and became A Homeowner. Two years later, here I am, still making this house into my home. In so many ways, I’m a very different person than I was then (March 15, 2010), and the house has become a very different house, too.

We’re starting to look more like ourselves every day.


4 thoughts on “It takes a village.

  1. This is very sweet! I love how it looks on your wall next to the postcard. :) I love this post because in my mind I can see the whole evening playing out with your mom & dad. I am sure they enjoyed it lots and lots too. :)

  2. So I need an idea of what to do with 50 4×6 photos of “textures” from my worldly travels. Oh, great reader of O and Martha Stewart, any ideas??

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