Best Break-Up Song

Mindy Kaling once tweeted that she uses her running time to craft elaborate revenge fantasies set to music. Homegirl’s got it right. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good dose of bad energy to propel you on a run—even if there’s no particular target to direct said revenge fantasy toward. I was recently reminded of this little vindictive gem, and I know for sure that the award for Best Break-Up Song must go to:

Fleming & John “Ugly Girl”

(Sad story: it appears there is no official video for this song. So you’ll just have to listen to it. The old-fashioned way.)

Done and done.

I heard this song for the first time sometime in high school, riding in my brother’s car. I think it stuck with me, for one, because Daniel’s music taste was always cooler than mine, and when he listened to something I liked, I took notice. But also, this song just purely kicks ass. It perfectly captures that feeling…Don’t act like you don’t know which feeling….Because deep down, we all know the truth.

No matter how mature & magnanimous you are, and even if your ex started dating Scarlett Johansson after you, she will remain the bizarro-world, store-brand, not-quite-as-funny-or-pretty-or-smart version of yourself somewhere in your mind.

…Is she so nice that it makes up for her face? There’s no way!

(And that’s the way it should be.)