[Beyonce is where it’s at, you guys. I love this video–and not just because we have some of those Eames-like molded chairs in my office…it excites me that mod and present-moment are all mingled up in the zeitgeist. Thanks, Mad Men.]

So last year I did a top 10 list for 2010, and I couldn’t resist doing the same this January 1. Funny, since I had no European vacations to report, I first thought I might not have enough excitement for a full list…turns out I had too much. Go fig.

I’m grateful for another year, and grateful to see it go, too, hoping that the next will let me put into practice some of those well-earned life lessons…or at least that I’ll get to stop re-learning a few.

Cheers, friends!

2011 :: Top 10

10) Saw The Decemberists live for the first time.

9) Threw Mom’s surprise 60th party and a good time was had by all.

8) Scotty filled my life with enthusiasm…and Taco Bell. And Netflix viewings.

7) Started “Use Your Words” literary improv show with Tyler (and a good time was had by all).

6) Helped plan Heather’s surprise 40th extravaganza with friends from 4 states. Thanks, gmail. (A year of surprises, I guess…)

5) Scholar love goes Hollywood: 4 of 5 nerd-camp RA best pals reunited in L.A. in June. (And I got to see Jeff Houghton perform improv at UCB!)

4) Pulled off a choreographed wedding reception dance number with friends: dream list CHECK! (Watched 5 friends get married this year. Lovely love.)

3) Sent an ex-bf to Africa and another to Australia. Bon voyage, boys.

2) Bought an accordion!!

1) Reconnected with Matt Allen and rang in the new year with a boyfriend after all.
A most pleasant 11th hour surprise…

happy. new year.