T & V are for TV

Here’s one thing I know for sure: I will never, ever be one of those people who displays her intelligence by proclaiming she doesn’t own a television. Those people frighten and fascinate me. Like circus performers. What do they do all day?!

(If I ever become one, I’ll count on you, dear readers, to please PLEASE stage an intervention including repeat viewings of the Charlie Brown episode of Arrested Development, Pam & Jim’s wedding, or just any moment from The Wire. I couldn’t pick a favorite. Well, Bubbles.)

T + V are for TV

Liz Lemon + Don Draper = ultimate TV fantasy

Gotta admit, folks, I’m a little worn out from this near-daily 500-1000 word bloggery. And as much as I would love to rant on and on and on about how much I love to love TV (always have) and how someday I hope to write it myself and would be so happy to be completely obscure as long as my characters are funny… I just don’t have it in me tonight.

Please still be my friend.

Instead I thought I’d try a new take on the ABC challenge and go through the alphabet with 26 of SJ’s formative shows. Oh boy, oh boy!

A – Animaniacs
B – Beakman’s World
C – CBS Sunday Morning (Curb, Conan, Californication…so many C’s!)
D – Daily Show, The
E – Early Edition
F – Family Guy (let’s clarify: Family Guy on DVD in 2003. Not Family Guy now.)
G – Glee (season 1)
H – Homefront (obscure, but excellent)
I – In Treatment / It’s Always Sunny (Maybe the only time these 2 shows have been mentioned together, ever.)
K – (I just, you guys, I never loved King of the Hill.)
L – Late Show with David Letterman
M – Mad Men
N – Nash Bridges (for sure. See: Friday nights in 7th grade.)
O – Office, The
P – Price is Right, The
Q – Quinn, Dr.
R – Ren & Stimpy
S – Sports Night (Saved by the Bell, Seinfeld, Simpsons, Spongebob, SNL, Sex & The City…For real, too many S’s.)
T – 30 Rock
U – Unusuals, The (short-lived, but good)
W – Wire, The
X – X Files (thank you, Netflix)

Um…I’m sure I’m making glaring omissions. I tried not to double up on letters unless I just couldn’t help myself. (S-shows, for the win!) Will also happily take suggestions for K, V, Y, or Z…

I just remembered that this was a game we played on the plane ride back from Vietnam (yes, to hearken back to “R” day travel-snobbery, I have been to Vietnam), and it was super fun. A few of us tried to name movies, TV shows or books through the ABCs and then, Scattergories-style, eliminated duplicates. SUCH A FUN PARTY GAME!, said the girl who just blogged about TV…


9 thoughts on “T & V are for TV

  1. While “The Wire” is amazing, simply spectacular, and one of the greatest television shows ever. I think I would have put “The Wonder Years” instead (or perhaps throw that in for the Y!). As amazing as “The Wire” is, as many times as I reference it while talking urban politics, policing, education, journalism, etc… (I was told before I ran for office in D.C. that I had to watch the series at least twice) I think “The Wonder Years” may have had a bigger impact on… well, a whole lot more than “The Wire”

    Great list!

  2. you can’t do that on television OR young & the restless. y&r is the one and only soap i’ll ever claim thanks to grandma + bob barker always referencing that if people didn’t bid/spin/win efficiently, they’d run into Y&R time. z is for zorro. enjoyed the post as always. just got on the apple tv/netflix train so i’ll have to check out some of your recommendations!

  3. Here goes… with cheats, as allowed by the judges! And double-ups. And triple-ups.

    A – American Idol (the year or two that you, Jennie and I watched it together)
    B – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Boy Meets World)
    C – Cosby Show, The (Thursday night was popcorn night at our house, even if we had just eaten dinner)
    D – Daria (Dawson’s Creek)
    E – Explains It All, Clarissa (ohhh cheating so bad)
    F – Friends (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Full House)
    G – Grey’s Anatomy (Gilmore Girls – except I didn’t start watching until it was off the air)
    H – How I Met Your Mother
    I – Improvement, Home (this was my original H until I got creative with it)
    J –
    K –
    L – Lost (Legends of the Hidden Temple – huge fan of Nickelodeon game shows!)
    M – Mr. Rogers
    N – (Nurse Jackie is a show I want to START watching)
    O – OC, The
    P – Pee-Wee’s Playhouse (Pop-Up Video, Project Runway)
    Q – Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Tuesday night was my laundry night at my parents’ house during college)
    R – Roseanne (Rugrats, Real World)
    S – Saved by the Bell (Salute Your Shorts, Sex and the City)
    T – That 70’s Show (True Blood)
    U – (United States of Tara, The is another show I want to start watching)
    V –
    W – Weeds (Where in the World is Carmen San Diego)
    X – X-Men (this is a stretch, but I bet I watched the cartoon with my brother, thus solidifying my love for the current movie versions)
    Y – Years, Wonder (totally stole Samuel’s suggestion!)
    Z –

  4. I just remembered a J – Jake and the Fat Man! I think that’s what it was called. My grandma watched that on Wednesday nights while she was babysitting me and my brother while my mom as at bell choir.

  5. A – Are You Afraid of the Dark?
    B – Boy Meets World
    C – Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers
    D – Doug (Darkwing Duck is a close second)
    E – Everwood
    F – Flight of the Conchords (or Firefly)
    G – Grey’s Anatomy
    H – HEROS (first season)
    I – I Love Lucy
    J – Joey (it was horrible, but I still laughed)
    K – Kenan & Kel
    L – Legends of the Hidden Temple
    M – Muppet’s Tonight (also: Mork & Mindy)
    N – NCIS (I can’t watch this anymore though. too many nightmares.)
    O – One Tree Hill (come on. you watched it.)
    P – Pete & Pete
    Q – Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
    R – Roswell
    S – SMALLVILLE (two alien shows in a row!)
    T – Talespin!
    U – Ugly Betty (nerd power.)
    V – Veronica Mars
    W – Waltons, The
    X – Xena: Warrior Princess (she kicked serious butt.)
    Y – Young Hercules
    Z – Zorro!


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