Day 12: L is for Loo

(I was thinking about doing “L is for London” at first, but since this is how they stereotypically say “bathroom” in Mother England, it sort of works out.)

World Toilet Day is November 19, so L is for Loo.

But first…I found myself answering the “why are you a vegetarian?” question once again last weekend, over tasty Nonna’s with some improv friends. (While my two dining companions ate meals with meat. I always feel a little awkward at that moment. But someone asked, so I answered.)

I went through my list of reasons (cholesterol lowered, weight lost, I feel better, non-meat food is yummy and nice to the planet, fair treatment for humans and animals, too…), and then I got to the “and also I like knowing this one choice that I make helps me, in some small way,ย to not participate in cruelty or injustice in the world.”

And I thought to myself, YEAH. That is RIGHT. I DO feel that way…
(Sometimes I need to remind me.)

Not eating bacon doesn’t save the world, but it sort of helps save me, see.

So. All of that to tell you I got similarly worked up today when thinking about World Toilet Day andย

About the fact that billions of people in this world lack simple sanitation.
And millions die from water-borne diseases as a result.
And women and children are the primary victims.

But you GUYS! There is something
we can DO about it!

Underground, London (credit: Amanda Jane)

A $30 donation to goes toward providing a toilet to someone who needs one, because “everyone deserves a safe place to poo.” And this isn’t about imposing our social conventions on other cultures. (Often these toilets aren’t “Western” anyway. Squat much?) It’s about safety, health and dignity.
Those are human values, not uniquely ‘Merican ones.

So think about it.

Think about giving to via the link above.
Think about being grateful for your toilet this Thanksgiving.
Think about joining the #talkshit conversation on Twitter or Facebook.
Think about if you had grown up in a place with no running water or public sanitation.

Think about it all, because it won’t just go away if you don’t.