J + K is for Just Kidding

Weekend Update guest Judy Grimes makes my soul happy.

jk jk jk

Not only because she’s allowing me to make up some time and combine “J” & “K” perfectly, but also because I think she’s genius. While she’s not as well-known as Wiig’s other characters like Gilly, Target Lady, or crazy-arms Junice, I still think Judy Grimes is one of the funniest things on SNL because her bit is EFFING GENIUS (I said that already?) but also more difficult to replicate than more popular characters. (I tried, below. Fun, but not easy to do well.)

Check her out last weekend. This may not be up for long, ps, because SNL doesn’t like YouTube. And WordPress doesn’t like Hulu. (There’s a complaint my grandparents would never understand…)

Okay, here’s my attempt. I wrote this mid-sleepless-night yesterday. So, while I find myself hilarious, you are allowed to worry about me if you wish. But here we go.

This is my 170th post.
Just kidding, it’s 169.
Just kidding, why would I lie about that?
Just kidding, I don’t know, but I did.
Just kidding, no I didn’t. Would I lie to you, baby?
Just kidding, that’s one of Michael Bolton’s best songs.
Just kidding, it’s Rod Stewart.
Just kidding, it’s Michael Bolton.
Just kidding, none of Michael Bolton’s songs are his best song.
Just kidding, “Can I Touch You There?” is.
Just kidding, no it isn’t.
Just kidding, but seriously, can I?
Just kidding, I don’t want to touch you there.
Just kidding, yes I do.
Just kidding, no I don’t, but Rod Stewart does.
Just kidding. Just kidding. Just kidding.


This was my 170th post. And I love, love, love Kristen Wiig.
Not kidding.