G is for Green, it’s not easy bein’

Y’all remember when Sesame Street got sad? I thought of “it’s not easy being green today” because, honestly, I was struggling for a “G”…and that sent me on this trip to down sad Sesame memory lane.

Okay so I only came up with two, but they’re doozies.

First, we have Kermit coming to terms with himself:

Then, Ernie learning healthy perspective about his dreams:

I feel a little silly over-analyzing songs from childhood, but they’re both kind of meaningful, right? First, Kermit decides that the thing he likes least about himself could actually be a strength (thanks to the musical stylings of Ray Charles…), then Ernie realizes his home is not such a bad place to be, compared to the exotic spots he can imagine visiting. Sorta heavy topics for 2-minute musical numbers in a kids’ show, no?

(Guys, I just love me some Muppets. Let’s just wait for “M” day. And the new movie. And Muppet Christmas Carol on VHS at my parents’ house at Christmas. Oh, it’s on.)

And, just so this isn’t the saddest post ever, “Do De Rubber Duck”…a pull-out-all-the-stops (but not de stopper, mon…) number featuring many of the Muppets sans clothes, singing the wonders of bath time to a reggae beat. Because, why not?

(G is also for Guy Smiley. He’s in there around 2:25ish. Followed by…Maya Angelou Cow? I don’t remember that one. Anyone?)