D is for David Wain

Well, so C got real for a minute there, huh?

After two amazing shows at The Skinny last night (seriously, they were good. Where were you?), I realized that I could have picked C is for Comedy, and then I could’ve written all day. So to keep with that theme, and to keep today from somehow becoming D is for Debbie Downer, I’m picking one of my favorite D-name persons in all the land:

D is for David Wain

You might know him for his movie Role Models.
You could know him for Wet Hot American Summer or STELLA.
You should know him for The Ten or Childrens Hospital or Wainy Days

(If you don’t, go ahead and google all these things and school yourself. We’ll still be here when you get back.)

Soon you will know him for Wanderlust, opening in February, his latest film (writer/director) starring Jennifer Anniston and Paul Rudd.

mmm...90s Paul Rudd

(*Sigh* Let’s pause for a quick diversion to reminisce about those two and their 1998 collaboration, The Object of My Affection. My cousin Jennifer and I watched that movie over and over when we were in middle school. And I can only giggle about it now. I mean, let’s have a moment of silence for the fact that one of my favorite chick flicks during my formative years has the following as its imdb description: A pregnant New York social worker begins to develop romantic feelings for her gay best friend, and decides she’d rather raise her child with him, much to the dismay of her overbearing boyfriend. As George & Nina’s dance instructor would say, “Head up, young person!”)

Meanwhile, here’s Wanderlust:

D is for delightful.

I watched Wet Hot American Summer for the first time in 2006, with a group of RA friends while working at a summer camp for gifted high school kids. (I know. It doesn’t get better.) In the years since, I have fallen absolutely, purely and completely in love with David Wain. Sure he’s older, and married, and in many ways not at all my type… (Turns out there’s a lot a girl will overlook for the perfect sense of humor.) And David Wain’s humor is perfect to me—even when it’s imperfect…say, The Ten—it’s perfectly absurd and subversive and broad and subtle at the same time…

The State

Plus I envy the fact that a core group of comedians that he works with have been together since their days at NYU (followed closely by the MTV sketch series The State, which I’m too young to remember but have since discovered on Netflix.) Just look at the roster—it’s a lot people you’d recognize from movies and TV, looking unbelievably young and adorably 90s.

As a girl who gets to spend many a weekend making up funny things with her friends, I am envious beyond words when I see groups of funny people who get to do that for real. There’s a lot of cross-pollination in the funny-people world. In fact, I just remembered this infographic from the last comedy issue of GQ (it had Mila Kunis on the front, sexily sipping some Starbucks, so I felt awkward keeping the issue on my nightstand. Did it anyway.):

D is also for dreams…one of many of which is to someday meet and work with David Wain, or at least find my way into collaborative funny work with friends of my own.
We could do it, kids. I can almost see the flow-chart now…


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