ABC yadda yadda Z

November is here! The month of month-long challenges: No-Shave-November…National Novel Writing Month…and now, most famously, ABCDEFriend-Blog-Challenganza. (Official name still pending.)

Wet Hot American Alphabet

This month, three friends and I will embark on the epic blog-adventure-task of being inspired by a different letter every day on our blogs. (Or reasonably close to every day… so long as we get through all 26 letters in the next 30 days. We are Morgan Spurlock.) There will be photography, drawing, writing, music perhaps…

It’s exciting! My last blog challenge (see February 2011) was a surprise smash success, so I can only hope the added motivation of partners-in-crime is going to give me the extra push I need to make it through 26 posts in 30 days.

I imagine it’ll go a little something like this:

And also this:

What it is.

Super awesome Wet Hot poster found here.
I saw the show in L.A. last June. It was the berries.
B is for berries.


2 thoughts on “ABC yadda yadda Z

  1. i was going to say, i suspect that this whole setup was just an excuse for you to post that (excellent) wet hot poster. either way though, i’m tuning in–good luck on your alphabetchallenge!

  2. Can’t wait! And now I’m going to have the Beatnik Alphabet in my head for the rest of the day – the middle speed one.

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