Dance while you can…

This weekend I went to a wedding.

This was my fifth wedding (1,2,3,4,5th) since June. (Plus one honorable mention that I sadly couldn’t make. Almost six.) That’s a lot of summer nuptial celebration—with a surprisingly minimal amount of “always a bridesmaid…” feelings on my part. (Really.)

Plus I was in none of these weddings. So more “always a guest, never a groom” if anything.

But I can’t help but engage in the as-yet-unmarried activity of musing about my own Happiest Day—in the “if/when” sort of way, of course. It’s kind of fun, and what else is Pinterest for, after all? My favorite thing to imagine is not the dress, the ring or even the spouse (Really.), but the little details that will make the event my own. Funny details mostly…I don’t suppose most pre-brides fantasize about having the most hilarious wedding her guests have ever seen, but I sure do. Shoot, people, by the time the day rolls around (if/when it does…) the jig will fully be up. Entertainment will be a necessary item on the agenda.

The advantage in waiting so long for Mr. Right to actualize: it gives me all this time to plan. Observe. Scheme. Decide.

One detail I especially enjoy whimsying over is the First Dance Song. Ever-important and meaningful is the FDS. (Obviously meaningful, mostly, to the Mr. & Mrs. in question. So, no, I obviously can’t really plan that part yet. Really.) And yet I love thinking about it. And TONIGHT, wouldn’t you know, I found one that I like quite a bit! Elsie at abeautifulmess put this song on her fall blog playlist (love that idea, too). Lykke Li is a familiar delight, but I hadn’t heard this song before. It’s so good, you guys!

Give it a spin:

we will live longer than I will, we will be better than I was
we can cross rivers with our will, we can do better than I can
so dance while you can, dance cause you must
love out of lust, dance while you can

Perhaps I’ll muse some more on weddings in the coming days. Like I said, I’ve done a lot of observing this summer and fall…

For example, random fact: 3/5 celebrations featured sparkler send-offs.
Sparklers are the new bubbles is the new birdseed. (Really.)