The Perfect Date

I want to live in this Heineken commercial:

Just the story and the colors and the style. So good.
And the music…so Tarantino-like and delightfully weird.

(I know. I’m a marketer’s dream…)

I also wouldn’t mind living at Wieden+Kennedy, the ad agency responsible for this swingin’ 90 seconds of joy, along with the “Fail Harder” wall made entirely out of push pins that I’ve been enamored with for years:

There’s just so much inspiration out there! Be it TV ads or vintage Bollywood music or the chance memory of something that sparked my attention long ago…once I start to notice, the inspiration collects.

I found a fortune cookie fortune in my yard tonight after work, just sitting there in the grass all by itself. It told me:

Your efforts are budding — results will appear soon.

I like the way that sounds. In the meantime, I’ll keep collecting.


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