Nothing much happened.

Saw a movie at the moxie tonight.
< This one. TERRI.

But first. It was a long Thursday. A good Thursday, but a long one. At work I continued my ongoing battle with InDesign (you won’t best me, CS5!!) and formatted my very first section layout all by myself. This is big. Then I was guest speaker at a comm master’s class, in which I felt a bit more rambling than wise, but ultimately it was fun and gave me a new appreciation for my friends who are teachers.

So I left campus a little before 8:00, knowing that the last showing of this movie was tonight, and I could juuuust make it.

That wasn’t thrilling prose, folks, I apologize, but it sets you up for the point: at the end of a long (but good, not spectacular, not horrible) day, I took myself to a movie.

And it was great. Sitting alone in The Moxie, with a beer and a bag of popcorn, is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

The movie was…I’m glad I saw it. From the opening frames and the bouncy-but-haunting Jon-Brion-like score, I could tell this would be a true “moxie movie”—as my parents would say. Unique slice-of-life story, artfully shot, with lesser-known actors next to John C Reilly and Creed from The Office, breaking type.
I’m having trouble describing it. It felt like watching a short story. I could easily say “nothing much happened,” but that wouldn’t be true.
Like my day. Like The Moviegoer.

Rambling and wise.

Bonus feature:
Today I remembered this song as the antidote to Adele. It’s peppy poppy goodness from Two Door Cinema Club. It tells me, you don’t want to be alone, just like Adele, but this song doesn’t make me cry.

It makes me want to dance.

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