Now it’s on.

Lately I’ve found myself thinking, “aw man, if I had an iPhone, I’d get a picture of that!” whenever I’m in the presence of something pretty, weird, or pretty weird—forgetting that I have pre-camera technology attached to my face, and I have free sharing software in my brain.

Somehow I think I’ve let myself forget one of my favorite things about me: my compulsion to randomly jot down the minutiae of the daily.  (Hold up: I just found a way to use “me,” “myself” and “I” in one sentence. And that makes me glad.) Bummed that I can’t snap an instant photo of something, I forget that I can describe it almost as instantly, and share it just as effectively, with words.

Reading The Moviegoer for the second time, I find I appreciate Binx Bolling’s meanderings and musings much more than I did as a college student. I had no patience for his descriptions then. I wanted the Instagram. But now I find myself longing to meander. Longing to have something in mind that’s worth musing about.

Thinking about this post, I heard the “click…click…” from the start of Grandaddy’s song “Now It’s On” in my head as I imagined clicking photos. So I looked up the video, and realizing I’ve never seen it, I took a minute to watch the whole thing. (What an extravagant internet choice, watching an entire video, start to finish.) I’ve loved this song for almost a decade, and now I love the video, too. (If you have an affinity for twinkle lights, stuffed animals or anachronistic dudes in giant hamster wheels, I have a feeling that so will you.)


2 thoughts on “Now it’s on.

  1. Remember when you forgot your camera the day we went to St. Paul’s Cathedral and I told you to take pictures with your words?!

  2. I DO remember that! My battery was charging back in the room…but your advice made me feel better. (: (One year ago tomorrow, ps.)

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