Mad Me(a)n(dering)

Longsuffering and faithful readers may recall that last summer I went mad over Mad Men, and just this weekend I rekindled the obsession — alongside a friend who’d never watched it before. The newbie has now seen 7 episodes…

Mad About You

[This Vanity Fair story from 2009 has more sweet modernized photos of Jon Hamm & January Jones. I wish they weren’t so disgusting to look at, you guys.]

I’ve waxed poetic about this show before…but why not do it again. It’s a holiday.

I love the 60s. The housewares & what the cast wears. The drama.
The moral ambiguity, by which I mean the good guys aren’t always good, and the bad guys aren’t always so unfamiliar.
The Jon Hamm. The Don Draper.
The references to writing & advertising & creative work, one of which I tried to track down this afternoon for this blog post…

 …and, would you believe, Google couldn’t help me find it! I scoured the internet looking for this particular quote, using a variety of keyword combinations, all leading me toward search engine dead-ends.

See, I couldn’t recall the quote verbatim, but I knew it happened somewhere in those first 7 episodes…7 hours…with lots of potential lines of dialogue containing the words “handsome” or “writer”…and even more completely unrelated bits of information that make logical sense to Google, but not to me.

Yes, most of the time the internet is a great tool for finding what you need…except when you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for.
The problem, I think, is there isn’t much space to meander.

It’s buying a book on Amazon vs. browsing a bookstore.

I want THIS book vs. I want this experience: I want to see some displays. feel some covers. smell some pages. (don’t recall much tasting in bookstores, unless there was free cheese for some reason…still, many senses sensing.)

While the process was frustrating in the moment, (Come ON! Has NOBODY else blogged about this quote? EVER?!), I do rather like that there are questions that Google can’t answer for me. Life and memory and je ne sais quoi can’t be easily categorized, defined, clicked and find(ed).

And I still found the quote. The old-fashioned way.
By fast forwarding episodes on my laptop to parts that seemed vaguely like where I remembered it happening… (Okay not quite that old-fashioned.)


“Don’t think that just ’cause he’s good-looking
he’s not a writer.”

[Worth it. Kind of want a tattoo.]

Want to be a (good-looking, inexplicably) writer. Who meanders. And discovers.
(And sniffs the occasional new book. You do not know what you’re missing.)