July July!

Summer is here, my friends! Birth-month is upon us, and I’m celebrating like any good nerd would, first with some Decemberists:
(there’s no video to this video. just the listening part.)

Then with some new goals! This TED talk I watched today inspired me toward a 30-day challenge. This fella (Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google) urges us to do as Morgan Spurlock (Mr. Supersize Me) would: try something you’ve always wanted to do for the next 30 days.

Goals with expiration dates can be easier to follow for an ADD/ENFP like myself. (So many acronyms!) If you’re dubious on the mental health and/or myers-briggs, fear not. Boiled down, this means I am among the sort who are lovers of new projects, enthusiastic joiners and starters, who rarely leave things completely complete. (Another TED talk from a beat-boxing bipolar spoken word artist {I know, swoon, right?} introduced me to the lovely pun mental skillness. I embrace this idea. Let’s start working with, not against, our problems for a while, shall we?)

So anyway, you don’t really need to watch the talk now. I’ve summed it up & it’s rather short. But if you’d like extra credit, here it is:

My 30 Day Projects are as follows:

1) Write something (non-work-related) every day this month. This is lofty, I know…luckily July has 31 days so I have a tiny bit of wiggle room…

2) Acquire an accordion and start learning to play it by July 31. This has been a dream of mine forever, when I watched “The Lawrence Welk Show” as a tiny kid, then Steve Urkel as a bigger kid, and now The Decemberists & Arcade Fire as former-kid. I only recently discovered that I get to do this if I really want to. That’s what being a grown-up means. Happy birth-month to me!

That’s all for now. No I didn’t forget something. Only 2 goals, you guys! The ADD/ENFP in me is learning to chill. Repeat: 2 goals accomplished > 20 goals abandoned. Step away from the to-do list. Keep your hands where I can see ’em…