Just because it’s JUNE. June June June.

Hey, you guys! It’s officially summer. Pineapple Whip is out and June is here. Please enjoy this super-long classic musical video to get you in the mood:

My brother’s birthday is June 1, the kick-off to the summer birthday season (which includes mine on July 5, whatever whatever). Daniel’s turning 33.
Very very grownup we are. (So much that he was excited to catch the new South Park after our family bday dinner at Maria’s. Love it.)

Haters gon' hate.

I was thinking about the many important lessons I have gleaned from Daniel over the years:

→Don’t wear red socks. Just, ever.
→Chew with your mouth closed. Just, always.
→Learn all you can.
→The bitches who are mean to you in middle school won’t matter in 10 years.
→But being a smart kid will pay off eventually.
→50% of what I know about music: Nirvana to Miles Davis.
→I had my first white russian ever, while watching The Big Lebowski, one time when my parents were out of town. This was my big-brother college preview, to teach me to be smart with alcohol. (Enough years have passed that I’m happy to make this public. Also, I was always smart with alcohol in college. Too smart. So. Statute of limitations.) This is the best story.
→He also warned me to stay away from the KA house, which I did. Until I dated the house director at age 25. Some lessons you have to learn for yourself…
→Try something new in your 30s.  My brother discovered he’s a rock star by starting a band with his friends, though he never really thought it would go anywhere. Now The Jakebrakers have a live CD and play all over town. And they’re awesome. They have groupies.

Happy June, everyone!


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