Yesterday I had lunch with mom & dad, and then we visited my grandparents’ graves at Greenlawn (Grandma Ilene & Grandpa Fred, mom’s parents). Such a lovely, odd tradition: placing plastic flowers at the graves of long-gone loved ones. It’s nice to look around and see so many colorful markers saying, “someone remembers you.”

Grandpa Fred, circa 1942

Made me realize how much I miss having grandparents. Some of my friends still have them around, and I find myself feeling jealous for the baked goods, unconditional love, outdated humor and homegrown wisdom that grandparents provide. (My parents will be good at all those things. But don’t get any ideas.)

I miss having a place to go, and a couch to sit on, where I could just BE and everything else in my life could pause. (Sounds like therapy, huh? Sort of.)
Life paused and was put in perspective. My grandparents showed me that life went on a long time before I got here, and (if I’m lucky) my life will go on a long time after right now. Life is short and life is long.

And I could always count on good snacks… with Fred & Ilene it was Cheez-its, ice cream, stovetop popcorn; with Jimps & Audrey it was packaged soft chocolate chip cookies, angel food cake, garden green beans. (Not necessarily at the same time.)



I love this photo from Thanksgiving 2006. It shows off my best “mom, why are you taking a picture right now?” face. Just hanging out with Grandpa Fred — who is no doubt being hilarious and a little offensive.