Daydreams & Dream Dreams

The back-end of wordpress just got so much cooler, you guys! Amazing what a little gradient can do to make the blank unreality of the internet seem more welcoming and modern and thing-like.

(If my grandma were still around to hear the words, “the back-end of my blog just got cooler,” I think she’d tell me to put some long pants on. It’s windy in springtime, and you’ll freeze in those shorts, Lulabelle.)

Speaking of spring wind, I walked across campus today clutching 200+ just-edited loose printer pages, ready to finally take them off my To Do list.
Tightrope walkers, high over pits of flame, have felt less tension than I did while imagining the slow-motion tableau of myself dropping the stack on the sidewalk. If ever there was a moment to go all Lucille Ball in comic failure, this was it.
Pages everywhere! Hours of work gone! Squirrels scurrying away with the index! Suddenly there’s a lake on campus and the papers fall in and Colin Firth jumps in to save me!

Imagination is a powerful thing, folks.

As I clutched this cursed project like it was the Gutenberg Bible, protecting against the wind and wasted effort, I realized in that moment of ridiculous paranoia that there was a time in my life (circa 1993, probably) when I would have died — I mean, like, just DIED, like that drug dealer on Nash Bridges*Β (That’s me being 10 in 1993.) — if you’d told me that it was going to be my JOB someday…That people would give me MONEY…And also a DESK with my own mug of colored pens & stuff…for me to edit 300 pages of pure typo treasure-hunt like this project was:
We’re talkin’ formatting inconsistencies in paragraph spacing.
We’re talkin’ subhead colons that should be bold but they are not bold.
We’re talkin’ watching out for “unievrsity” instead of “university.”

And I get to fix it. All By Myself.

NO WAY!, 10-year-old me says.
Yes, way., I reply. And you can make your desktop picture anything you want.Β 

*Nash Bridges actually premiered in 1996, when I was 13. Felt like I owed you that fact, readers. What would 10-year-old you think about you?


3 thoughts on “Daydreams & Dream Dreams

  1. 10 year old me would say, “You’re in your 30s and you don’t have kids or a job?” He would continue, “Oh well, I’m off to not get braces yet.”

  2. 10 year old me would either find me daunting or pay absolutely no attention to me. I’m sure if I showed my ten-year-old self a little attention I would’ve been my biggest hero. Which would’ve been tricky for the space-time continuum. Great scott!

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