Arrrrrrren’t you glad this is a thing?

So…a restless late-night google hunt for haircut inspiration tonight led me (where else) to searching for photos of Tina Fey. Many of the same magazine shots show up over & over, but after some scrolling I found this little gem of variety:

The Bookaneers want to read to your booty...

I’m kind of in love with it. A lot.

I vaguely remember watching this when it happened (the blog post where the photo lives is from April 2009. You can watch the video there, too.), but I’d forgotten how delightful it all is.
British accents!
A dog with an eyepatch!!
Tina Fey teaching Elmo the value of reading!!!

Just watch how Elmo reacts to the world. It’s amazing how much emotion his little “face” can express. This is a Muppet who knows how to enjoy life. He’s curious about everything and delighted with each new discovery.

(Elmo : Sesame Street :: Kenneth Parcell : 30 Rock )

Any favorite Sesame Street memories, readers?? One of mine has to be the little man who was painted on the juice glass and had stop-motion adventures in the kitchen…