so many books, so little time…

Tonight I engaged in one of my favorite pastimes: watching late night Comedy Central whilst browsing the internet for interesting stuff to read. Colbert, with guest James Franco, did not disappoint. NPR, like it do, delivered. This:

The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We’re All Going To Miss Almost Everything

This title, plus an image of a book stack silhouetted against a blue sky, earned my click-through. The blog piece ponders the question, what does it mean to be “well read” in a time of unlimited information?
Hm…oddly enough, Colbert & Franco (along with his “brother” Frank Jameso…bahaha!) had a similar conversation about what it means to be an artist, including the quote, “the true aesthetic moment hangs in suspension between pornography and didacticism.” (Yeah, I wrote it down! Doesn’t everybody take notes whilst watching late night Comedy Central?)
They ponder the question, is James Franco really a “Renaissance Man” or is it an unfavorable sign of our times that pursuing a multiplicity interests makes a person something of an oddity?

Fco vs S.Co

I’ve often wondered about the limited number of books (and movies and podcasts and other media experiences of worth) I will be able to consume in one lifetime. I know one thing, the number is much too small to justify finishing the Twilight series. smileyface.

The author would accuse me of “culling” here, in rejecting Stephenie Meyer outright after one novel, rather than choosing “surrender,” which would mean I’m willing to accept the risk of missing out on something. I admire her optimism for what missing-out means: there’s just so much good stuff in the world, one person can’t possibly digest it all. (No matter how hard she tries…watching TV and reading blogs concurrently, for instance.)


4 thoughts on “so many books, so little time…

  1. I am gyrating my neck with my finger in the air like a pissed off black girl. Got the mental image? OK. See if you can catch the tone in my voice, too.

    Oh no you dit-unt just dis Twilight.

    I had dreams about those books. I felt physically and emotionally DEPRIVED of stimulation when they were over. I. Can’t. beleive. you. don’t. agree. after. all. we’ve. been. through.

  2. Isn’t that an easy fix? You just read whatever you deem the most important stuff, and move on, not to dwell on the issue? On that note, how’s The Moviegoer going? I don’t think it’s accurate to think we’re going to miss everything. Anything recorded we can watch, read or listen to at some point. I think we’re going to miss out on a lot of great live performances though. I don’t know if that loss is worth the time it took to write that sentence though. Kudos for multitasking. One of my favorites is Driver’s Photography. It’s actually slightly more dangerous than it sounds.

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