Writers & Kitties

Earlier this week, my friend Amanda introduced me (via facebook and then via email, bless her) to the tumblr “Writers & Kitties,” and boy is it a delight!

Check out this screenshot from the site archives (few internet moments give me quite the thrill of clicking into a tumblr archive such as this. Just look at it!) and see if you can’t spot Mark Twain & Meow Twains.

i want to go to there.

Aside from my customary affinity for all things cat, I love this site for the glimpse into the everyday, human side of these otherwise mysterious, splendid writerly lives.

I got to see (and talk to!) David Sedaris for the second time on Tuesday night. It was a great night for many reasons…
Candice is a fabulous hostess.
Arkansas Andy’s has RED VELVET CAKE concretes.
And DS was wonderful, too. His writing works best to the tune of his voice, so a live reading is magical. He holds a pencil the entire time, unobtrusively making notes based on crowd reaction.

People cheer for him like he’s a rock star. (A rockstar for bookish NPR nerds.)Β Of course he’s hilarious live, but it’s also nice to discover that he’s a REAL person. Who owns a pink tie and stumbles on his words sometimes and has a silver sharpie at the ready and tells dumb jokes and keeps a diary and writes and writes and writes.


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