All in a day’s work

I went to a young professional networking lunch with Amanda today. We’re members of The Network and as such attend these events every month or so where I’m sure to find free food & drink and a selection of people I vaguely recognize from somewhere.

Today was a CEO lunch Q&A with 417 magazine publisher Gary Whitaker.
This young professional found it very interesting indeed, but that could very well be because my nose is glasses-deep in a magazine right now. It was cool to hear how 417 got started and the savvy ways they’ve stayed afloat in the changing media landscape. (WARNING! CLICHE METAPHORS MUST BE STOPPED! ONE CANNOT FLOAT ON LAND. THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS.)

When it was crowd Q&A time, I asked about his favorite interviews, and his answer drew back to his time in TV news:

1) Tiny Tim, who once played ukulele at the SGF medical center. (what?!)
2) The first shuttle astronauts, whom Gary described as half hot dog / half science nerd. Love it.
3) President Jimmy Carter.

Cool, right? I am reminded that it’s very cool how the publications / marketing / creative world, even a very “jobby” job like mine, allows for all sorts of unique experiences…and even more so at a university.

In the 19-odd months I’ve been back at Drury, I have found myself:

Work photo

She works hard for the money. So hard for it honey.


1) Balancing balls for a magazine photo shoot (see final product here).

2) Warming up the crowd for Temple Grandin. (Sort of. I mean, people laughed. There was a microphone.)

3) Writing a “singin’ in the rain” parody to advertise our staff United Way campaign.

It’s not such a bad way to spend my days.