The Ides.

Hello? …is anybody still in here? Oh, hi. There you are. I’m back and celebrating The Ides of March with a blog post! Are you excited? I am.

Wikipedia told me Ides of March was once a festive feast day, a cause for celebration til ol’ Caesar had to go and get himself all stabbed. Beware indeed.
The old adage now makes so much more sense: it’s all fun and games til somebody gets stabbed 23 times by political rivals.

Well, friends, February has come to an end. Seventeen days of writing followed by a near-month-long hiatus…I’m left craving one thing: BALANCE.

Time to write requires time to experience life…but if I take too much time to smell the roses, it’s all too easy to fall out of the writing habit again. To me, the smelling isn’t enough. I have to document and share it. I have to write about it before my brain believes my nose.

Okay, no more smelling metaphor. It stinks. YES!

I’m working hard to achieve balance in the next few weeks. For one, I gave up Facebook & Twitter for Lent. For two, I’m reading/doing The Artist’s Way with Heather and Scott. Excited to create our own little creative community and see what develops as a result.

I felt my first Lent sacrificial pangs while I watched Modern Family on Hulu one day last week. Phil learning how to “help” Claire in the spa was the cutest, most accurate moment on television. That show is just so smart. The writers capture relationships with the best sincerity and surprise.
Cam & Mitchell’s side plot about kale was also delightful. That was the Gee-how-I-wish-I-could-Tweet moment. My fav new veg gets a shout on my fav new show! Nice, right?
But the trade-off seems worth it.
After just a few days with no social media, my mind feels clearer.
And I’m back on the blog.

New month. New assignments. New partnerships.
The Ides of March feels festive indeed. (Sorry, Caesar.)