2.16 Burnin’ Love

Tonight at book club my friend Heather suggested that my love language is Mix CDs. I. Love. It. It’s funny because it’s true.

I talked about love languages at both The Skinny and at work this week–Valentine’s Day and all–and I don’t really identify with one more strongly than the others. Kind of a fan of them all.

But Mix CDs? The Mix CD is my mother tongue.
I love making them. Revising them. Giving them. Receiving them. And it’s not just about compiling a list of songs and slapping them on a CD. No, it’s about crafting an experience. Telling a story.

Case in point: SJ’s VDAY 2011 “Don’t Waste the Pretty” Mix

It’s a CD of love songs, of sorts. Self-love songs, you might say. I hesitate to call it a breakup CD, though that’s certainly a theme. There aren’t any weepy anthems here. No Bryan Adams power ballads or “please baby, baby please” Boyz II Men business. Just songs that make you want to work out. Or get a haircut. Or delete some cute texts. Or look real good in them jeans. “I’m Every Woman” type stuff, only Chaka didn’t make the cut this time.

I gave it the car test tonight, and I’m happy to say it holds up. I wish I could make you all a copy, but I did the next best thing. I made you a playlist on Grooveshark!

Grooveshark is my new favorite toy. I haven’t spent much time with it, but I think I like it. It’s like a mix CD in the computer. (That last part makes me think of Zoolander. Anybody else? Please. Make me a mix CD. I love you.)

Here ’tis:

Misery / Maroon 5
Rolling In the Deep / Adele
For Reasons Unknown / The Killers
Many Shades of Black / The Raconteurs
Real Love / Mary J. Blige
Somebody to Love / Queen
Paper Bag / Fiona Apple
Used to Love U / John Legend
Next Girl / The Black Keys
Cue the Rain / Queen Latifah
Cold Shoulder / Adele
If You Really Love Me / Stevie Wonder
You Can’t Hurry Love / Supremes
Why Don’t You Love Me / Beyoncé
Bills, Bills, Bills / Glee Cast
Express Yourself / Glee Cast
Take Me or Leave Me / RENT Soundtrack
Single Ladies / Pomplamoose
Baby / Justin Bieber & Ludacris
King of Anything / Sara Bareilles
Cry Me a River / Justin Timberlake

Couldn’t find versions of either Adele song that would play on Grooveshark. Damn shame. She’s awesome. Please youtube her at your convenience.

After book club I went to Borders, which is going to be closing soon. Felt kinda sad. I know I’m guilty of purchasing the majority of my books online. I like to save a buck and get a thrill from earning free shipping. But you can’t walk around Amazon.com. You don’t browse there, or at least not in the meandering, discovery, tangible experience kind of way. I usually go to amazon when I know I want something specific. Click, click, done. I’m going to miss Borders. That place gives me joy. I feel like the outraged bookstore patrons of You’ve Got Mail, only this time I’m mourning the loss of a “big, bad chain store” as Tom Hanks would describe it. Yep, I’m getting ready to break up with my favorite bookstore. And breakin’ up is hard to do.


5 thoughts on “2.16 Burnin’ Love

  1. Rolling In the Deep / Adele
    The video was awesome! It had everything you would want!!!

    (Spoiler Alert)

    Singing alone intermingled with slow motion shots dishes getting thrown/broken, a crapy house, a drug addict dancing in cocaine, and the drum beat seem through millions of glasses of water, and wait just wait, a whole city gets set on fire!!! Ok it was a paper city but there was fire too!!!
    I don’t know if I ever need to see anything again let alone another music video because I know if I do I will only be filled with unfulfillment.
    No, but seriously, I liked it.

  2. P.S. Super addicted to Sara Bareilles, King of Anything and also the video!!! I highly recommend it!!! All of the guys can attest to the amount of my obsessiveness! For some reason just a bunch of dudes working on bicycles don’t like it. They are the weirdos!

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