Two cents on two cents.

A bonus post! Not love-related in the least! Hooray!

This post is about the Grammys. I didn’t even watch the Grammys. But I took a look at Facebook & Twitter after the Grammys, and I wasn’t too pumped about what I found.

One lovely friend of mine posted this: I love how mad everyone is at the Grammys. What’s really going on? You guys wanna talk?


Here’s the thing. You guys know I love comedy. Writing jokes is one of my favorite hobbies. That little ZING feeling when you think you’re the first to recognize and point out a connection or pun or absurdity…It’s priceless.

Celebrities do/say/wear dumb things. Awards shows are ludicrous. It’s fun to mock this stuff. I get it. I get it. I get it.
But sometimes, SOMETIMES, maybe it is okay to be sincere or just Shut. Up.

It’s like we have forgotten as a culture that experiencing something without making fun of it is an option. It is okay to keep your two cents in your pocket every once in a while.

It’s all snark all the time. Bullshit vicious distance between ourselves and anything genuine. Like we’re all trying real hard to be Joel McHale on The Soup 24/7. Joel McHale can barely get away with being Joel McHale. The rest of us shouldn’t try.

That’s why I love Tosh.0. He’s hilarious. Makes me laugh more than most things on TV. And oh does he make fun of things–a lot–but he also manages to keep some heart and soul and humanity. The web redemptions (segments where he gives Epic Fail internet anti-stars a second chance) are often downright sweet. And kindhearted. That’s what’s missing in 90% of internet chatter.

It’s probably ironic for me to complain about people complaining. Surely someone could ironically tell me so in 140 characters or less. And I’m aware that I’m setting myself up for scrutiny. Glass houses and such. I’m guilty at times just as much as the next tweeter, I’m sure.

Am I a curmudgeon? Am I out of touch with the zeitgeist? I hope not. I just want to make a case for making nice. At least every once in a while.
We’re funny people. And humor is a powerful thing. We can choose to use that power for good. Or for evil, even.
But for snarky indifference? I’m not sure that’s worth it.


2 thoughts on “Two cents on two cents.

  1. I was with you 100% until I got to Daniel Tosh. Then my appreciation depleted drastically, until I saw Joel McHale tagged, so you are back on up there.

    There arent many funny women, to my taste anyways. I think we need more, and am glad you are able to write. Do you ever do standup?

  2. Yes. I am particularly fed up with the people who begin on-line sentences with “Dear…” i.e. “Dear Idiot: You are so much more idiotic than me in this one arbitrary category that I will publicly mock you, but never speak directly to you.” And I was going to write a blog to that effect, but decided that was a little too meta…”Dear Idiots who write ‘Dear Idiots’…” and all that. So I decided to shut up. Mostly. I did tell this one friend after a particularly vitriolic FB day, “You’re kind of a bitch on Facebook.” It went about like you’d expect.

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