2.11 Jennie & Sean

Happy February 11, everyone! It’s a special day—Facebook reminded me—my BFF’s 6th anniversary. (Six years! is that even possible?) I feel a special connection to this pair, getting married April 2012, because I helped set them up once upon a time. And we went to Europe together. Evidence:

When in Rome

Prepare to groan just a tad: I got a tiny little sliver of romance out of that trip myself. I won’t bore you with the full, adorable, out-of-a-movie story, but let’s just say I should never complain. Few people can say they had a first kiss at the Trevi Fountain. Pasta & wine & gelato & romance in Rome. July, July, July.

I was thrilled when Jennie asked me to write a little “how we met” for their wedding website. I’m including it below…because you get to plagiarize yourself. You do. Knowing Jennie & Sean keeps me believing in love…believing that maybe, just maybe, Michael Buble knows what he’s talking about, and past mistakes aren’t the problem. I just haven’t met you yet. (Groan some more.)

Mr. & Mrs. To Be

Our story begins at Drury University.
It all started in a dorm.

Imagine if you will, two co-eds meeting for the first time. Not sure what to expect, when their eyes meet, each one catches a breath. Is this the one I’ll spend…the next year of my life with?

For you see, this love story—like many others before it—begins with two friends. Not Jennie and Sean just yet, but Jennie and me. We were freshman roommates in 2002, matched together by fate and bonded together as friends by a mutual love for brightly colored bedspreads, Saturday Night Live reruns and an impressive shared collection of snacks.

What I remember about her then…
She was caring and open—sharing stories about her family and friends back home.
She was creative and talented—adding cute personal touches to our room.
She was just so much fun to be around.

Our second year we remained friends, but we stopped being roommates because I become an RA. We kept in touch and widened our circle of girlfriends through lunch dates, shopping trips, and movie nights.

Fast forward to junior year.
Jennie is a third year architecture student, and I’m on a study abroad trip to India over winter break—along with other members of the wedding party: Kent, Paul and Sean. I knew Sean casually before the trip, since we worked together as RAs in the dorms at Drury.

What I remember about him then…
He was courteous and friendly—could start a conversation with anyone.
He was smart and driven—studying to go to medical school.
He was just so much fun to be around.

During our 3-week trip through New Delhi, Calcutta and Durgapur, as we discovered new and surprising things about the world, I discovered something new and surprising myself, which I confessed to a friend during one late night flight:
Jennie and Sean should date.

To me, it made perfect sense.
They were both from Memphis. They were both great people.
Fate just needed to get them together in the same room, and all the other details would fall into place.

So that’s what I did. One chilly evening in early 2005, I arranged a double date on Sean’s on-duty night in Sunderland Hall.
And once again, a chance encounter in a dorm enters our story.

Little did I know that this simple evening of Trivial Pursuit would ultimately lead to this wedding story. Even in my wildest dreams, in my most romantic raised-on-chick-flicks imagination, I couldn’t have known how these two people—so passionate about the thoughts of architecture and the architecture of the mind—would go on to build a beautiful life together.

And so our story begins, again.


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  1. You left out that Sean is the perfect height, for anyone that isn’t often the brunt of short jokes, but especially for Jennie.

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