2.6 Opening yourself up to joy

Big Day. Auditions! Super Bowl Sunday! GLEE Super Bowl episode!

In anticipation of the big event, I rewatched the very first episode of GLEE yesterday. Remember when it was on right after Kris Allen won American Idol? I remember thinking I am going to love this show. fiercely. with a protective, mother-bear-like type of love. True, that night I was already high on life and full of dreams, hanging with a good friend and my mom to catch the end of AI. But something about that GLEE pilot—even though I’ve watched it multiple times and played the “Don’t Stop Believin” on repeat that whole summer—still gives me the tingles.

The series opens with Sue Silvester’s glorious line: you think this is hard? try being water boarded. that’s hard! Completely sets the tone for her character and the show. While season 2 has left me disappointed at times, I can still muster the feelings of that first love for GLEE.

From the very start there’s the “it’s okay to be different!” & “believe in your dreams!” messages.
The cuteness of Emma and Mr. Schu before things got super weird there.
And oh yeah! Stephen Tobolowsky! Forgot he was in this. Love him.
(No Brittany yet, though. Or Mike Chang or black kid who danced.)
Ah, but there is Finn singing in the shower.
And Ken Tanaka’s ace pickup line: Shhh….how do I get you…into my hatchback?

Perhaps the most exciting part of all is the audition scene. Inspiration!
Ten years ago I put the I-want-to-be-on-Broadway parts of me away. Today I let the I-wouldn’t-mind-being-in-a-local-musical part come out to play around for a while. The dream has refined itself as I’ve gotten older, but it’s still in there.

The very first time we meet Mr. Schu, he spots a plaque in the McKinley High trophy case: “By its very definition Glee is about opening yourself up to joy.”

So true. I present for your consideration:
(Warning: If you’re anything like the folks I watched the Super Bowl with, you’re going to need a moment afterwards. Or perhaps a cigarette.)