Tonight was the final Mystery Hour @ The Skinny Improv. I will devote a full post to that place in general, and Jeff Houghton in particular (who’s leaving us for L.A., hence the final Mystery Hour part) another day.

Tonight I just want to pick out one tiny bit of the show: the group sing-along. For a while now before the show begins, the lights go out and there’s a silly slideshow sing-along. Be it the Fresh Prince theme song or some glorious 80s hairband moment, it’s a grand old time. Partly because of the excitement that the show’s about to start, but mostly because it is so much EFFING fun to sing out loud in a group of strangers.

Tonight it was a little Bon Jovi “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Such a good one for the corporate belting out. It’s got the heartstrings storyline, the epic pause before the power chorus. Good work, Bon Jovi. Drunken bar patrons across the universe thank you.

Was thinking on the drive home how the feeling I get while belting out like that is not unlike the feeling of being in love. At least when it’s brand new and exciting. Right?

For once you’re not worried about what anyone else thinks. How you sound or how you look is secondary to the feeling. It’s fun and it’s silly and it’s exciting and it’s a release.

And you’re just so happy because you’ve finally found someone else who knows all the words to your favorite song.


2 thoughts on “2.4 TAKE MY HAND & WE’LL MAKE IT I SWEAR

  1. I want to make a pocket size pull string Jeff Houghton doll. When you pull his string he says things he has noticed! I want it bad. What sucks most is I have not been hanging out at the skinny for very long but I feel like it is the place I belong, with all of these people I love and that everyone there is my family, and a member of my family is leaving. Not in a bad, father leaves to go buy cigarettes and never comes back, way but more of, I have to go see if I can provide for this family better way, and I might not be back for a long time, way. Jeff Houghton is the reason I started seeing shows at the skinny and he is the reason I started to take classes and he doesn’t even know it. Then I got to get to know Jeff and become a friend not nearly as close as I want but I am honored to get to know him as much as I have. Last night, after his last show, I started tearing up when I told him that I loved his show. I am even tearing up just thinking that I might not get to learn from him as closely. I know it might be lame for a guy to express his man crush through a comment on a blog post but I don’t care. I am going to miss Jeff Houghton so hard!!!

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