2.3 100th Post

You guys! It’s my 100th blog post on whatsarahisreading!
:: :: :: confetti :: :: :: /// streamers \\\ ~~~ people doing the worm ~~~

WordPress keeps count of things like this for me. Thanks, wordpress.
Thanks to them I also know someone searched for: “French poem from Groundhog Day” and found me. I like to think they smiled when they found what they were looking for.

For post #100 I feel some pressure to do something profound & extra meaningful. But it’s late. Momma’s tired. And we have days to go before the big V-Day. I don’t want to exhaust you with too many long-ish rants about movies. (Because I could do just that. Don’t tempt me.)

Instead I think I’ll use this post to talk about some little things.

Elmo sang about them.

My lovely cousin has started a new blog about them.

go there & you will want to bake

And I agree; there is something magical in them.
So to celebrate that, as I no doubt will on other nights when I’m tired but still want to keep my blog commitments because that’s what love is after all, sticking with things sometimes even when they aren’t fun because ultimately it’s about the journey anyway, right?

5 Little Things I Love

1) Tina Fey
You guys. Did you see her on 30 Rock tonight? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I want to both be and befriend this woman. She makes nerdy look cute, neurotic seem endearing, and gives 24-year-old virgins everywhere hope that things are gonna turn out okay. Blergs & all.

2) Milanos
Have there been enough sonnets written about these tasty revelations from the Pepperidge Farm? No. No there have not. It’s something about the dark chocolate and the crispy cookie and the touch of fanciness in the carefully layered packaging. A trip to actual Milan must feel as satisfying.

3) Target’s Holiday Themed Dishes
Don’t make fun, people. This is a serious, longterm relationship I’m in. I seldom actually buy the things. It’s more about just seeing them and knowing the holiday is on its way. This year there are some heart shaped bowls that just need to cut it out. ย They need to stop.

4) Little Kids With Accents!
I don’t care what type. Indian. Italian. British. French.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

5) Croutons at Ruby Tuesday
Even pre-vegetarian me lived for this salad bar. Excuse me, Garden Bar. The real topper (pun SO very much intended. It’s after 12:00 folks. All bets are off.) are the croutons. They are unlike croutons anywhere else on Earth. They are dark brown & almost black. They are crunchy & squishy at the same time. They are perfect little cubes.ย I don’t know how they do it! I just know they make me proud to be an American in the 21st century.

There’s so much to celebrate, you guys! Here’s to 100 more.


4 thoughts on “2.3 100th Post

  1. Here is what I want to know: Why is it that the music playing in the Elmo song makes me want to get snuggled up with big thick wool socks, a quilt my grandma made, and a tasty beverage on these cold winter nights? The little things, right?

  2. You hit this one out of the park, Sarah. Two of the “greats” singing about simple things is very clever and downright SWEET. Congrats and keep them coming!!! Happy 100th 2 U.

  3. I love the fact that Tina Fey is included in your list. For me, she is the best thing that happened to television in our generation.

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