Injustice anywhere < Justice everywhere.

Lots of folks posted inspiring MLK snippets and quotes on facebook and twitter today.

I made a note of this one:
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
And then scribbled below it:
think about that today. and how can i create a more peaceful life for myself?

[Hm…we need a word for “scribbled” in electronic terms. because no real scribbling was involved. I copy/pasted then typed. tribbled? Isn’t that a Star Trek episode?]

I’m inspired on this MLK Day (this year more than ever) to find ways to make peace in my life — and also speak up about things that matter.

The other day I found an article about The Wire & Huckleberry Finn. (Believe it!) I was disappointed to find the article’s ideas ultimately unenlightening, though I do agree with the essential point: we gain nothing in trying to white-out the world’s unpleasant realities–in education or entertainment.

::: The Wire :::

The complete series was Target’s Deal Of The Day the day after Christmas, so went ahead I bought myself a little post-xmas cheer. Just this week I watched episode one (of 60), and it felt like reuniting with old friends. Coming back to a favorite book. When one particular character appeared I actually gasped, “Bubbles!” in breathless, aching recognition.
I watched much of the series by myself the first time through, but when I’d watch it with others I would sometimes perplex them with my deep emotional reactions. After some episodes I would just sit and cry. Just wishing there was more I could do to fix injustice. (And not just my small, personal injustice. The big capital-i Injustices like poverty, homelessness, inequality, isolation, corruption, Arrested Development getting cancelled…).
Sometimes the show would just mess me up.

But, god, that’s GOOD, right? Sometimes we could all use a little messing up. A little provocation. A little contradiction.

[And we could all use a lotta Jimmy McNulty. amirightladies?]

::: TAOHF :::

I just decided (just now, you guys! real-time blogging!) to reread The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as soon as I can get it in my voracious paws (and as soon as I finish Ender’s Game, book club police…). I can’t wait.


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  1. Ooo ooo can I please be the sheriff of the book club police?? And can I wear a badge? And carry a billy club? Thanks.

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