I still do.

Well team, Pam & Jim’s wedding was a rerun tonight. I wrote a blog post about it when it first aired a year ago. I’m reposting it below because…the sentiments remain the same.

This time I was really struck by Michael Scott saying: “I have SO MUCH JOY in my heart right now!” That Michael Scott…he knows how to throw himself wholeheartedly into life. True, most of the time he has no idea what he’s doing. But he does it all with joy. Be it pursuing an ill-fated relationship, or hating Toby, or not-doing-his-job… Okay, he’s not the best role model. But he believes in taking risks for love, and that’s something I’m still willing to believe in.

So thanks, The Office. You’ve inspired me to keep believing in love, despite all evidence to the contrary. I mean, nothing is certain right now, is it?
(Even the Zodiac is malleable. Turns out I’m a Gemini. What the what?!)

I do. 8 October 2009 

I just got done watching Jim & Pam’s wedding.(it’s so odd to say “watching” when it felt more like “going to”. ridiculous i know, but it feels that personal almost.)

It was all lovely, wasn’t it? Zany side-bits with the supporting characters (Dwight’s a sex-bomb, what?!), Jim’s cute speech about the last four years…I wasn’t too schmaltzy about it until the last 15 minutes. And in those few (well-orchestrated, surprise-montagey) moments, my own emotions of the last four years washed over me all at once. (I KNOW! It’s cliche and stupid. Leave me alone.) Because this show isn’t just about the show. It never has been.

It’s been about the coworkers who’d giggle about it with me Friday morning.
The is-it-better-than-the-BBC-version arguments with fellow tv-snobs.
The “that’s what she said” jokes.
The dreams of romance that Jim and Pam rekindled with every glance at the camera.

It’s been about the friends I watched it with week after week. The yummy snacks and comfy home where i shared the show with my cousin and her husband, and a large group of friends. For the last four years, in times when work was stressful, or life was hard, I looked forward to Thursday night. Some weeks it seemed The Office was the happiest 30 minutes I had—one of the few things I looked forward to.

And when times were good, the show still meant a lot to me. There’s something magical about sharing something like that week after week. The characters start to mean something to us. It all becomes routine.
You hum the theme song.
You “shh! it’s back on!!” after commercial breaks
You “yesssss!” when Jim and Pam seem to get together, “NOOOO!” when Michael does something awkward.

And it’s all “just a tv show”…but it’s so much more. Tonight when Jim said he’d waited four years for this moment, I realized I have too. And what a perfect moment it was.
(I know I’m not the only one who felt the magic…In about two minutes 1100+ tweets stacked up for #TheOffice.)

I watched this one by myself…my cousin and her husband recently had a baby (a beautiful, magical, wonderful baby) and so our weekly Thursday tradition has been put on hold.
I miss those times. I miss the people I’ve shared this show with (geez, since 2005…) many of them far away from me now.
I feel…i dunno. I feel bigger emotions than are perhaps “appropriate” for reacting to a television show. Like actual people I actually know just got married. Two people whose ups and downs i’ve experienced up-close once a week. Whose ups and downs I’ve associated with my own.

And it turned out okay for them. It turned out perfect.