Tweet Reviews Redux

Back by popular demand (and by that I mean a couple of comments and the fact that I enjoyed doing them last time): 140-character reviews of the books I read this past year. It’s a fun excuse for me to revisit my books and my blog posts. Enjoy.

The year in pages, in tweets

The Phantom Tollbooth — Norton Juster
My 09-10 transitional read. Brilliant, bouncy little book club book. Full of imagination, whimsy, and a final call to live a full life.
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Freakonomics — Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt
Examines experts, motivation, connections. Inspires “balancing your intelligence and your intuition to arrive at a glimmering new idea.”
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The Things They Carried — Tim O’Brien
A+ Nonfic. His subject is ugly but his content is beautiful. The book crosses my mind throughout the day…it’s like i have a book-crush on it.
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Breakfast at Tiffany’s — Truman Capote
Not just for 90s pop songs. Lovely little novel. “A girl doesn’t read this sort of thing without her lipstick.” Plus Holly says, “oh balls!”

Eating Animals — Jonathan Safran Foer
Really did change my life. My tipping point to vegetarian. Might reframe your thinking, too, if you gave it a chance. Plus the cover is gorgeous.

The Secret Life of Bees — Sue Monk Kidd
April Book Club. Power of grief, womanhood, friendship, forgiveness. Pick it up, and buy a copy for your mom.

Enduring Love — Ian McEwan
Creepy, quick read. I enjoy I.M. If you haven’t read Atonement yet, what are you doing with your life?!

My Life in France — Julia Child
Girl meets boy; meets France; meets food. Bon Appetit!

An Unquiet Mind — Kay Redfield Jamison
Expert on manic depression is also a patient. Those who can do, teach. First read for senior honors project. Helpful memoir/manual.

Eat Pray Love — Elizabeth Gilbert
Reread pre-movie, post-breakup. Perfect timing. Literary CPR. Just flipping the pages and seeing the typeface is comforting to me.
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The Diving Bell & The Butterfly — Jean-Dominique Bauby
Life-giving. Homeboy wrote the book with his eye. With his EYE, people! It and the movie remain among my absolute favorites.

The Creative Habit — Twyla Tharp
Practical, get-to-work advice from dancer/choreographer. Cool to see creativity from a new, while also familiar, perspective.
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Your Erroneous Zones — Wayne Dyer
An early self-help book (’76), and therefore a little cliche. Found him bc his words narrate Pixar’s short Day & Night. So inspiring.

The Handmaid’s Tale — Margaret Atwood
Devoured in four days. Loved (LOVED) the writing and the story and the ideas they inspire. love/loneliness, men/women, identity/society.
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Poetry 180 — Billy Collins
Marginalia: “Poetry 180 is slowly changing my life.” I think BC would be glad. Poetry is yoga for the mind. Inverts, twists, restores.

Gift From the Sea — Anne Morrow Lindbergh
6th reading since 2005. Absolute, always-inspiring staple of my book diet. A compact and timeless guide to abundant, wholehearted life.

Broken Open — Elizabeth Lesser
I think I liked this Oprah-fav less the second time around. Maybe needed it less. Worthwhile for its many Rumi quotes alone.

Full 2010 Book Club slate:

The Phantom Tollbooth (Heather)
Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Amanda)
The Secret Life of Bees (Sarah W)
Princess Bride (Courtney)
Same Kind of Different As Me (Emily)
Twenties Girl (Allison)
On The Road (Deanne)
Diving Bell & The Butterfly / Gift from the Sea (Moi)
The Mysterious Benedict Society (Heather)
The Handmaid’s Tale (Amanda)

Though I didn’t read as many as in 2009, I’m still pretty proud of this list. (The diehard among you will have noted that I made it through ROYGBIV 3 times…) 

*Chin-chin salud* Here’s to books.
Happy 2011 reading, readers!


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  1. I still love that you gave me “Gift From the Sea” – I revisit it sometimes and am always restored no matter what ‘shell’ I peruse. Good gift, girl friend. Almost as good as Kitten War (which I am slightly disturbed to not find on your list).

  2. thanks for sharing! and creepy that i noticed ROYGBIV and then you called me out on it. you’re too much.

  3. See this is what I am talking about. Reviews that actually make sense! Now I actually know which of these I would want to read.

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