My Top 10 for ’10

Happy New Year, readers!
*Bubbly drinks*

Well, we’re one day in to 2011, and I already like it better than last year. (haha New Year shtick.) I discovered today, during my First Meal of the Year, that Maria’s has new spicy salsa. Nothing is impossible in aught-eleven.

On NYE I went for my final outdoor run of the year, and I wore shorts. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty high on life. What with the life-can-surprise-you metaphor and the apropos end to a year of running.

So I’m working my way down Kearney, like I do, when I spot what looks like a small brown puppy next to the curb. And I’m thinking, Dead dog. Yikes. Not a good omen.

But as I got closer, I noticed the round, fuzzy ears and tiny scarf. What looked like a small dog was actually a teddy bear. So I paused and picked up the misplaced Mr. Bear, laughing to myself at the heroic rescue. But I couldn’t just leave him sitting there on the grass, destined to tumble back into the street, a stuffed victim of cruel fate. I also couldn’t carry him with me on my run (some situations are too absurd even for me), so I did the next best thing: I plucked him up and turned around to face Kearney Street’s old standby: the used car lot.

I perched him on the closest sedan’s hood, anchored with a windshield wiper over his little fuzzy leg. So that’s where Mr. Bear will pass his days. Smiling up at the sky. Watching traffic go by.

And that, my friends, is how I discovered my new metaphorical mantra: pick the bear up out of the street.

Sure it’s a little cheese-ball. But as a new year starts, it’s worth believing that anything is salvageable. Pain can be made beautiful. The mundane can be made inspirational. And–if you’re wearing the right kind of glasses–anything can be made funny.

In the spirit of PTBUOOTS (it needs a better acronym, perhaps), here is my Top 10 list from 2010, in order of appearance:

1) Bought a house.
2) Became a vegetarian.
3) Discovered Mad Men (this cannot be overstated).
4) Discovered Mumford & Sons (same same).
5) Wrote a new suite of admissions publications (and kept my job!).
6) Whirlwind tour of D.C.
7) Went to Europe. oui oui.
8) My bff got engaged!
9) Saw Sufjan.
10) Ran my 3rd half marathon, raised $700+ for

And what’s wonderful is there are many, many more moments that I have to be grateful for. What’s more wonderful is that for each of these 10, there are people that I shared these moments with who all mean a whole lot to me. They keep believing in me, even when I stop believing in myself. (And I KNOW! Journey told me not to do that anymore!)

It’s lovely, right? Now what are you doing still reading my blog? Go PTBUOOTS!


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  1. Ryan and I went to Maria’s yesterday too! Our First Meal was home-cooked bacon and eggs. Then we went to Maria’s around 5:30. I was not made aware of the new spicy salsa.

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