December 8

I know Christmas is coming because…we got our first office gift basket at work! And I literally squealed with delight. (“Squeal” is the correct verb for the situation. I startled myself a little. But seriously. Gift basket season is upon us! *squeal!*)

This one came from a printing company that we use for many of our major projects. In truth, we owe them about 50 baskets for the hard work and often-rushed jobs they miraculously pull out of their presses in the nick of time.

But ’tis the season for giving gifts that are maybe undeserved, that are not about what is given in return, that are just about the niceness of it all.

It’s nice. Especially when that niceness includes a squeal-worthy variety of crackers, cookies and sundry snacks. I wish I would’ve taken a picture before we dug in—with exclamations of “OOOO! Cookies!” or “EWWW! Olives!”

I’ve felt really lucky to have my job a few times over the last few weeks (when my uncle prayed on Thanksgiving [i know, right! Shockingly Hallmark-commercial moment. I don’t believe it, either.] for instance), and I know I am lucky to be doing well right now when many people aren’t, but it’s funny how a little thing like a big gift basket can elicit such delight.

Sidebar: There’s a packaged salmon in the basket again this year. None of us wants to eat it, so for now we’ve placed it under our office mini-xmas tree. We’re baffled and bemused re: who (besides, of course, a cat) wants to eat dried fish out of a pasteboard box. It’s a Festivus mystery.


2 thoughts on “December 8

  1. “miraculously pulled out of their. . . .presses.” Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Seriously Jenkins, could I miss you any MORE? No.

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