December 2

I know Christmas is coming because…I had my first Little Debbie Tree Cakes.

basically snack porn

I had said Little Debbie Tree Cakes at book club tonight (where I described them as “maybe my favorite cheap-o Christmas snack”).

So book club.

I like to imagine book club is an actual clubhouse. with a rope ladder and secret passwords and a hand-painted sign saying “no boys allowed!” but while it is not those things, it is everything wonderful about books and friends and life.

(I think we could, at least, make tshirts.)

Tonight we discussed A Handmaid’s Tale, a book which I’ve already extolled on my trip down Lonely Lane, and to whom I owe more careful posting. That’s for another night. (Momma’s got a race to get ready for.)

Thanks for all your support, dear readers. And if you’re up between about 8 and about 10:30 tomorrow, please send some vibes to your higher power for me.