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Remember that one time, when I wrote on my blog? (I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. It’s been almost two whole weeks. A lot can happen in two weeks. That’s like whole story arc in GLEE-time.)

Well it’s November, somehow. And OHMYGOSH just a solid month remains between today and Big Race #4 (4th on the 4th. It’s a siiiiiign).

In the spirit of making-the-most-of-this-last-month, here’s the Random Llama I wrote today. (Close readers will notice some borrowing from a past blog. Shhhh…)

Harvest Moon and Snoopy

This week’s suggestion is “Harvest Moon and Snoopy,” which sounds to me like a straight-to-DVD sequel to Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin. A strange phenomenon, the straight-to-DVD sequel. (Or, as it was known in my childhood, straight-to-video. Return of Jafar, anyone?) The movie companies are saying, “we obviously spent less money, time, and talent on this one, but we know you’ll still buy it!” And it must be true, because these bad movies keep happening. Did you know Land Before Time XIII is a thing?

We had a special celestial moment this fall: the Super Harvest Moon. (That’s the official, NASA-approved name.) Let me lay down some science: the harvest moon is the full moon closest to the autumn equinox. When the full moon happens the same night as the autumn equinox, you get a Super Harvest Moon. That’s what we got in September, and it hadn’t happened since 1991.

We love facts like that, right? Even if they aren’t true. Observe. Early in October I saw the following on Facebook:
This October is very special. It has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays all in 1 month. This happens only once in 823 years. These are known as “money bags.” You’re welcome!

That sounded really cool, so I googled it to find out more, only to discover this just isn’t true. There were five full weekends in October, and while that’s somewhat rare, it’s not at all unique. But we’d love to know that something going on right now won’t happen again for another 823 years. It makes a regular day feel special (or, in NASA language, super).

Well, we have the power to make today Super Today. You know what else hasn’t happened since 1991? Someone saying “rad” in a non-ironic way. Microsoft Word doesn’t even recognize “rad” as an actual word. Let’s do something about it, students! I think if we all start saying “rad” on Facebook, it’ll spread faster than the 5-weekends-in-October rumor. We’d be a part of something bigger than ourselves. And that’d be rad. Super rad.

Here’s an idea! Though I’ve gotten a handful of verbal comments, so I know I have a handful of column readers, I’m coming up empty-handed with the story suggestions for ol’ Random Llama. (Can I squeeze any more hand idioms into one sentence?) How bout this: why don’t YOU GUYS give me a hand (yes!!) and give some suggestions?

Just like an improv scene: a suggestion of anything at all…


4 thoughts on “Super Random Llama

  1. Suggestion: book club. Or better yet, “the accountant went to book club.” Which in just six short steps could easily turn into “the professional frog impersonator who entertained for the triplet’s birthday.” :)

  2. I feel confident that I suck at improv suggestions, but for you, I will give it a try. Here are my recommendations for randomness – based on actual items from my own life: Morse Code…it seems like it could see a resurgence since texting has reduced all phrases to three-letter combinations. Russell Brand’s wedding – because why wasn’t I in that? Voting – not so much who you vote for, but who you vote with…and the voting process. Also, what if you discovered that the one single candidate you despised the most were a member of your church AND the first cousin of one of your supervisors. Wait, maybe that one’s just me. Also, zombies: why all the fuss?

  3. love it. thanks. both of you. heather: your comment makes me think you should ghost write for RL sometime. because i’m lazy.

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