Random Llama strikes again

Okay, okay, I’m really starting to enjoy this now. There’s something refreshing about writing when a quick burst of inspiration meets a low word count.

This week’s suggestion:

Candid Camera (imagining in your mind…)

This week’s suggestion, “Candid Camera (imagining in your mind…)” makes me wonder a couple of things.
First of all, do you even remember this TV show? My guess is you current students were in your young elementary school years when the newest version aired. I remember a special nostalgia from my parents who had watched the original when they were kids. (In, like, the ’30s.)

Second of all, am I the only one who has “Candid Camera” moments in life? Sometimes, if something particularly awkward or random happens to me, I’ll pause for just a moment, look around, (check my hair) and then wonder, seriously, am I on Candid Camera? Some moments in life are too absurd to be true.

Example: Two weeks ago I stopped by the student readings for Banned Books Week. I was minding my own business, just getting my Harry Potter on, when a student approached me and said, “um…that man over there is lost.” I felt a brief swell of empowerment. I Am A Staff Member and Drury Alum and As Such Can Handle Any Crisis. That feeling. Little did I know this wasn’t just any lost man. This was a 98-year-old lost man with about 98% hearing loss, bless his heart. I spent the next 45 minutes of my life walking him from his handicapped parking space in front of the library to the OFEC Plaza. If life were a cartoon, a snail or two would’ve passed us and rolled their eyes.

You can learn a lot about someone in 45 minutes—even with the barriers of slowness and speaking-up that come with talking to a nonagenarian. This guy has covered a lot of ground: fighting in WWII, teaching himself native jewelry craft in Arizona, helping invent the silicon chip for cell phones during his career as an engineer.

Random moments have a lot to teach us if we’re patient enough to listen, students. Make the most of your own nonagenarian encounter this week, metaphorically of course, then email me a suggestion.


5 thoughts on “Random Llama strikes again

  1. I went to the movies on Sunday. It was not a packed theater by any means yet I sat directly in front of someone. True, it was truly the best seat in the house. But even more than that, if Candid Camera could do it, then by golly, so could I.

  2. Truly I did (please excuse my double truths in that first post – wow)…and I sat on a stack of phonebooks.

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