So October is shaping up to be a magical month…or so I thought. Observe:

Saw on facebook today that this month’s calendar math comes around every 823 years: 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. (Wow, right?) But I did a little google verification and found out that while the 5-full-weekends phenomenon is cool, and somewhat rare, it is in no way that unique. Thanks, these people for your logic and what-not.


October 11 is a special day (kind of feels like one-in-823) for me at least, because it marks the one year anniversary of my first marathon.
(It also looks like binary. A cute nerdy fact a few people pointed out on twitter and facebook. Apparently 101110 is binary for “46”, which would be cooler if it were “26.2” or something. Alas.)

I wanted to revisit my post from sjworksitout about 10:11:09. Probably complete self-indulgence to do so, but it’s fun (for me at least) to remember all those emotions. I love putting distance between me and things I write. Often I completely forget what I wrote, and/or what I felt like when I wrote it, and reading it again feels like encountering a familiar stranger.

I spent most of 10:11:10 in a car, coming back from a wedding. Nothing too magical about this day a year later. But I did have some good road trip conversation with friends, and maybe (much like the 5-weekends phenomenon) the day doesn’t have to be unique to be special.