Happy Talk

You got to have a dream / if you don’t have a dream / how you gonna have a dream come true? –south pacific

So I’m getting serious about some goals today, readers. For one, I launched my fundraising site for my half-marathon. Check it: firstgiving.org/sjenkins.

For two, I took a very small step toward a Big Goal that has been itching my brain since July (and long before), as the tweet below will show you. (PS, if you haven’t yet discovered The Tobolowsky Files podcast, what are you waiting for? Such an excellent storyteller. About the film industry, but more often just about life. Mm mm good.)

See I’ve toyed with the idea of a particular writing project since my senior year at Drury. I’ll get serious about it at different times, but not really serious enough to sustain any sort of writing plan. (Big ideas, no followthrough. How very ENFP of me, right?)

Well today I talked to a past professor of mine (and now coworker. odd feeling.) about a conversation we’d had back in 2006. See, his cousin is a literary agent. And not just any literary agent (though “just any” literary agent could still be an excellent resource), but the agent of one of my favorite authors.

No, seriously.

I’m not going to talk about who, because I don’t want to jinx it, plus it doesn’t really matter. What matters is my professor told me today (as he did back then) that if I give him some material, a couple of chapters and a treatment, he will pass it along to his cousin.
His cousin the NYC literary agent.

This is the kind of dream-making coincidence that doesn’t just happen. This is a chance you don’t let pass by.

So…I guess I’m finally starting my book now? Is that a thing I can say?

The sky is never going to open up and pour forth a voice from heaven saying “WRITE!” (Or even if it did, I’d find some good excuse like dishes  or facebook or fear…whatever it is that stops me now.)

Today I also discovered (thanks to Mindy Kaling’s twitter. I love her, want to be like her and be her best friend. Just like Tina Fey.) the Thurber Prize for American Humor. Yet another implausible dream to add to the bucket list. I already wrote a post in May 2009 that I called my comedy manifesto, and while I imagine this book project will be humorous (mostly because I can’t imagine writing something that will bore myself), the subject matter is pretty heavy stuff.

Perhaps the catalyst for me to talk to aforementioned professor today was this week’s CBS Sunday Morning. The TV storytelling standby (that I just love, love) hit the big topics this week: mental health in a story on teen suicide; writing, religion and sex in a profile of Philip Roth. And those are all subjects I want to sink my teeth into. (See why I might want to put it off?)

So. There it is. I hope in posting this I’m not gun-jumping or horse-after-carting or any other cliche about getting ahead of myself. I’m just hoping that making a public declaration of my intentions makes it that much harder to turn back (again).


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  1. Don’t turn back! Be brave like Amelie! (See, it works for more things than just the obvious one we talked about on Saturday.)

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