get thy motor running.

I’ve been a true northsider for over six months now, and for the most part I enjoy it. The southside feels like a whole different world. (Sure, I wish Target were closer. But Republic Road? Fuggetaboutit. Siberia.) Just yesterday I drove south on National during rush hour and now firmly believe there is a circle of hell reserved for peak-time southside driving. (Seriously, commuter friends, how do you manage it and keep your sanity?)

There’s a northside phenomenon that has intrigued me since the move, which happens to be just across Kearney from my house, next to the El Taco. (Yes. I live across the street from Mexican Villa’s To-Go joint. Don’t really go there much anymore, as I’m fairly certain that even their water has meat in it. PS i’ve been vegetarian for over six months now as well. Neat.)

But back to the point: Biker Church. Yes, friends, it’s a thing. With a website. I really want to go sometime, but I wonder whether I’ll be welcome.

After all, the closest thing I have to motorcycle experience in my life is as follows:

And I just can’t rock the Tequila dance like Pee Wee. (No one can, Sarah; no one can.)

I wonder what their services are like. Does everyone wear cross-emblazoned leather? Are the sermon metaphors all somehow Harley-related? Do they pass the offering in a helmet? (My biker church curiosity knows no bounds, friends.)

Should I go? Should I go? Should I go???


4 thoughts on “get thy motor running.

  1. Yes. The answer is indubitably yes. Even if I spelled that wrong. Take a friend, just in case, and quickly locate your nearest exit upon entering. But go.

    In other news, I’d like to visit you. How does early November sound? I’ll go with you to biker church if you want.

  2. I don’t know if you ever went, but I am officially a “Biker” and I can even dress you in the appropriate biker attire. If you ever chose to go, let me know, I am your +1 ! And there is a 19.9% chance I will know SOMEONE in there! Let’s do it!

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