playlist du jour

Good morning, friends.

I humbly admit I’ve had some swell experiences in the last two weeks, but there is nothing quite like running in a fall sunrise with a mellow iPod shuffle. Please:

The National: Fake Empire
Dismemberment Plan: You are Invited
Rhythms del Mundo cover of Coldplay’s Clocks
Lykke Li: Little Bit
Blue Van: Silly Boy

I count it as no small victory that at 6:30 a.m. I’m craving a quick run instead of a quick snooze. And it’s time for mornings like these. After all, my Big Race is a mere 80 days away.
Yes, I’m doing another half-marathon in December. (excited. and i love how “another half marathon” is a phrase I can use, when three years ago I was praying I’d survive my first.)
A friend asked, somewhat bewildered, why I would want to run another now that I’ve done a full marathon, and it took me a minute to put an answer into words. I said something about how I love having something like this to work for, and a half is a much more manageable goal than a full. It’s an easy way to raise money for a good cause (which one in particular is tba).
But the truest answer is simple: I like running. And it likes me back. It gives me mornings like this.