Went running tonight for the first time this week.
It’s been too hot.
I’ve been too busy.
But really, no excuse is good enough when compared to how good running makes me feel. Seriously, I don’t like to hang out with me when I’m not on a regular running schedule. (Running–like writing, it seems–is better for me when I stick to a routine.)

SO there I am, getting in a quick one before Book Club (was a nerdier sentence ever spoken…) and minding my own business, when I notice a dude across the street.

He’s a bit of a sketchy dude, this dude. (Sorry if I talk about sketchy fellows too much on here, but the average per-run sketchiness factor is significantly higher since I moved north of Kearney.) He’s sportin’ a cut-off sleeve tshirt and dark wash jeans as he walks his dog with one hand and smokes with the other.

So I glance over, and he’s not-even-trying-to-hide-it staring at me (like, shielding his eyes from the sun as he does so) and I’m about to just laugh it off and keep going when…he gives me this “meh” shrug.
Like “I’ve seen better…”
Like “I was going to shout something demeaning at you, but now I don’t think I will…”
And I’m actually insulted! I mean, if you have to objectify me as I try to make healthy lifestyle choices, at least have the decency to like what you see, right?



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