Blogging about blogging while not really blogging.

Folks! I have so much I want to talk to you about…and so much I don’t have time to say.

I talked with someone tonight about how ENFPs (like myself) can be very good at Big Ideas and not so good at Following Through. And thus begins the story of my life…

I want to set up some blog patterns or routines…because those help me to stay on track. (If “following through” is part of a “big idea” then it works better, perhaps?) Remember Once A Day in May, oldschool readers? Something like that, but not like that.

In Elsie Flannigan’s blog abeautifulmess she had this 5 tips for bloggerspost that was helpful. (And her advice is some to follow–she has 1000s of comments on some of her contest posts.) She recommends developing regular features that are fun to write. (Already thinking something like Memory Monday…where I explore an obscure detail from childhood and {with Sedaris-like wit & skill} glean some lesson from it…)
Patterns are good. They give me something to stick with and YOU something to come back to.

For a long time last year I kept a phrase written on my bathroom mirror (in dry erase marker. an excellent way to leave yourself reminders. Tip! Tip Tuesdays?…):

Creativity Needs Structure
Structure Needs Creativity

This is a truth i KNOW, but I need to help myself follow through. (See? There it is again. Following through. I’m seeing a pattern. See? Patterns. Woah.)

All that to say…I haven’t really thought of any good blog patterns. :) But stick around. Shit’s about to get real.


2 thoughts on “Blogging about blogging while not really blogging.

  1. We have a schedule at work for what we’re going to facebook or tweet about, if we can’t think of anything else that day. Monday is an artist from our Artist Registry, Tuesday is an SRAC event, Wednesday is a member organization event, Thursday is an arts article, and Friday is staff pick. Since I am the one who does most of our posting, it’s super helpful to have this schedule in case I can’t think of anything else.

    And I know that I for sure would love more SJ blog posts!

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