TED Talks = internet church. Ole!

I think I’ve found my new nightcap routine: glass of wine and TED.

You are familiar with TED Talks, aren’t you? (If not, oooo girl. Head on over. Grab a snack. You‘ll be there a while.) In a very small nutshell: TED is awesome people talking about awesome things. It’s all the things I love about This American Life and convocation lectures and smart conversation all wrapped up in little internet videos.

Tonight I listened to Elizabeth Gilbert, my muse du jour, it would seem.

Someone sent this to me a long time ago, but I’m just now watching it because I found it by chance on this blog here. (Two lessons there: 1) don’t put off awesome shared videos. 2) Tag surfing can be a wonderful thing.)

It’s just fabulous, people.

  • She talks about fear. And the dangerous assumption that creativity must = suffering.
  • She asks, “what is it about creative ventures that seems to make us really nervous about each other’s mental health, in a way that other careers don’t?
  • She rocks yet another head-to-toe black ensemble. Must be her go-to speaking outfit.
  • She invokes the pre-renaissance ideal that one might HAVE a genius but not BE a genius.
  • She effing invokes Tom Waits…
  • It’s nice to feel that self-doubt/fear is part of the process, but I can also make it go away.
    It’s nice to feel that there’s still so much out there to be learned.
    Let’s boil that down even further: it’s nice to feel.


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