woah, baby. no baby.

Another facebook discovery that makes my eyes wide:


and by “everyone” I mean every last one.

boys i used to like in high school.
girls who didn’t like me in high school.
close friends.
distant friends.
too-young friends.
one friends, two friends, red friends, blue friends.


And it freaks. me. out. Not that there’s anything wrong with healthy twentysomethings procreating. (birds do it! bees do it! even overeducated fleas do it!) But count me out on the product.

What I’m sayin is I don’t want one. Nope. Not even a little.
And I hate that this makes me some sort of a freak, even in 2010. (don’t act like it doesn’t. it does!)
Nothing wrong with babies. I used to be one, after all, and I turned out okay.

baby me

i have a scrapbook page to prove it. cuteness credit: mom.

But that part of women that goes “ooooh! gimme!” when there’s a baby around…I don’t have it. I LOVE the babies in my family. They are precious and mysterious and perfect and wonderful.

But there are other things in life that are precious and mysterious and perfect and wonderful, too, right? Some things that will always lose to babies in a priorities thumb-war…
World travel and late nights and independence and frivolous book spending.
Changed plans and movie dates and uncertainty and home decor with unsafe small parts.

I find myself feeling like I should apologize, find a way to make up for this inadequacy. In the immortal words of Deandre Cole (taking on the issues of the day with soul): WHAT UP WITH THAT?

so, readers, are you wondering about the balls-out personal opinions on the blog of late? me too. i guess i’m tired of keeping some thoughts inside. thoughts need to come out and play. it’s nature’s way. GLEE kids gotta sing, birds gotta fly, and i gotta snark.


4 thoughts on “woah, baby. no baby.

  1. Um, me too. Me too on the uh uh, don’t want one front and on the feel like I should apologize front. I’m sure there are more of us out there…right?

  2. Don’t worry Sarah, I’ll be your no-baby friend for several more years. Not forever though… Although I am most definitely NOT one of those women who go “Ooooh! Gimme!” when there is a baby around (I am pretty scared of even touching one, really) I know that one day I’ll end up having one. Or two.

  3. I love that you are great with my kids, and I can respect that you don’t want to have your own. You do give up things for a bit, especially with a baby around. But they grow up quickly enough ;)

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